jazzypom wrote in ontd_football

Free for all Friday!

What's good? Tell us, you know you want to. 


BAY 2-1 SEV (FT) - Bayern are the first team in any of the five major European leagues to win 23 consecutive official matches. It surpasses the previous Real Madrid record of Carlo Ancelotti, which reached 22 between September and December 2014.

Luis Suarez: After joining Atletico Madrid striker says he expected Barcelona exit

Lukaku: 'Racism still exists' but Italy is the best country he's been in (for football, I imagine)

Premier League told to help smaller clubs as government outlines sport plan 

OP: So, how was your week? No change for me at the minute. I have today off, and I need to do food shopping. Food is expensive where I am, so I plan, plan, plan my food bill. 


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