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Joe Hart signed for Spurs. 

That being said, that goal keepers kit is sweet. I love a good red orange. 

Barcelona's president confirming that Koeman will be Barcelona's coach next season if nothing goes wrong. 

Supposedly the wife wanted Spain over Italy. Considering the issue with their last kid (I think he was in hospital for a while when he was a baby), the move makes sense. Sucks for Lazio, but it makes sense. 

That will be interesting! I know the wife is settled in Barcelona (she moved from Uruguay to Barcelona as a teenager with her family, leaving Suarez behind, and that's when he got serious about football and used it to come to Europe. I think they reconnected whilst he was at Ajax, and then went to Liverpool before going to Barcelona. I think he'd be gutted to leave). 

OP: Done. Who do you think will go through tonight?!


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