jazzypom wrote in ontd_football

Friday! Friyay

You'll never walk alone


Roma's Antonucci has Vitoria loan terminated due to TikTok use

Borussia Dortmund confirm Lucien Favre will stay at the club

Huh at Manquillo. 

More Liverpool reactions. NGL, it's well deserved. Congratulations to the players, the coach and — the red side of the city! It's been expected, and yet surprising. Love and football in the time of covid-19. 

Oooooh, this is a good one. 

People drunk on success. Trent Alexander is a talent. 

Rafa the gaffa! Always knows the right tone. 

Covid-19? We don't know her. 

OP: Done. So, how was your week? I was on lates this week, and those shifts are exhausting. Today is the last day of them for some time. Apart from that, I'm okay. Ordering masks online since it's gonna be compulsory to wear them on public transport going forward. 


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