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Saturday, Satur... YAY??

Serbia hits out at Jovic: The lives of our people are more important than your millions — broke quarantine to visit his gf

We can beat anyone on the court. But we only beat Corona together!    That is why Joshua Kimmich and I found the initiative "WE KICK CORONA" and donate 1 million euros privately to social and charitable organizations.    Open up http://wekickcorona.com

Manchester United and Liverpool are among clubs promising to pay  casual staff during coronavirus crisis while Manchester City employees  are facing 'a wall of silence'... so, how are Premier League club  preparing to take care of those at risk financially?

Kolo Toure is one of football's trailblazers and has always shown  the way for others... now he wants to be the Premier League's first  African manager

How goes it where you are? I'm fine, thanks for asking. But the shops are closing around my way. *sad lulz* A tag for coronovirus, please? Or covid-19 if it's shorter/easier


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