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Monday matches

RIP Kobe, one of the best to do it. 

news in links and tweets

Kobe Bryant and his daughter died in a helicopter accident yesterday. He was a big fan of European football (I think because he spent a bit of his childhood in Italy — and spoke some Italian), and supposedly AC Milan was his team. 

Shrewsbury came from behind and drew with LFC, so they get a second leg at Anfield!

Sarri: 'Juventus bland and passive'  — they lost to Napoli

The soccer world mourns the death of Kobe Bryant 


In Europe, Kobe Bryant recalled for his ‘Italian qualities’ — his dad played basketball in Italy, and Kobe spent a lot of his childhood there. 

Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash: MLS players, clubs react to tragic death

Athletes & Celebrities Mourn, React to Kobe Bryant’s Shocking Death

Tomorrow isn't promised, fam. Eat the cake, run the marathon. Just do it. 


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