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tuesday matches and news roundups

News round ups: sackings, gossip, balon d'or and more

The President of La Liga has resigned. He's done so in order to call another election again so that he can have support. Which. Okay. 

Young player of the year. Trent Alexander should have gotten it, tbh.

I'll be glad when both Messi and Ronaldo retire together. This is a dick measuring move. 

Afobe's daughter suddenly took ill with an infection and died within two days, iirc. 

Tottenham players feel responsible for Mauricio Pochettino sacking, says Jan Vertonghen               — no sh*t, sherlock. 

Balotelli gets the green light to leave Brescia — to go to... Vancover, iirc. 

Man United will have Smeagol for some time longer (I laughed when I saw people calling him that). 

OP: Done! 


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