saturday matches

News in tweets

Oooof. Southampton had a bad day at the office. 

Like father like son. 

I see you trolling, I see you hating...

So LFC can go skipping off with Nike. Tl: dr- New Balance launched a lawsuit against LFC, and lost. Supposedly, NB say that in their contract with the club, they had the chance to match the same money that Nike did (in order to keep the contract). The Judge says no. I'm no lawyer, so any lawyers here can correct me. 

Liverpool win legal battle over New Balance kit deal

Hollywood legend Arnold Schwarzenegger says he supports Liverpool and gives Spurs prediction — promoting the new Terminator movie. Has anyone watched it? Early reviews are promising, and the trailer uses a Björk song, so. 


Fifa under fire after announcing China will host 24-team Club World Cup 


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