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Chelsea supporters turned on a player. Which is fine, but why the racism though?

His English is so good. But then he's Portuguese. With the young, their English is solid.

Bless the fans.

Thank goodness we are thinning out the Europa crowd.

News @deportescope
James Rodríguez's situation at Real Madrid has changed
Zidane has him and right now he is not in the market

Important news from Neymar.Florentino Pérez has a credit ready seems to be granted by the Santander bank, to sign the Brazilian PSG. Pini Zahavi has convinced the president of Real Madrid that Ney would be willing to sign for the white club.

A LOAN? Real talk, why does Barcelona want Neymar back?

"Finally there" - Union fans take pictures of deceased relatives in the stadium. https://rbb24.de/sport/beitrag/2019/08/Union-Berlin-Fans-Banner-Aktion-Bundesliga.html#fcunion#eisern
Union Berlin is in the top flight for the first time in its history! For the first game, supporters can take photos of their dead relatives / late fans of the club so that they can see that the club made it. For the price of a stadium ticket, you too can get a photo of your late family member.

Well, that's disappointing.

news in links

OP: Done. So, how the hell was your week? My eczema has gotten so bad, I can't wash my face with anything but micellar water, and using nothing but the blandest of the emoillients to moisturize. *sigh* My language studies continue, I'm working on my listening, and it's SO HARD, fam. I understand nothing. It's like the teacher in those old Charlie Brown cartoons *wawawawawawauuuu*
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