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europa league qualifying matches

news in tweets

For the English clubs, the transfer window closes early (because the first match starts tomorrow). There will be a lot of last minute announcements today

Finally Arsenal coughed up the money

Lukaku got his way in the end

Spurs are having issues. But to be fair Coutinho doesn't want to leave and the fee is expensive. £27m a year.


Real Madrid and PSG are close to the agreement by Neymar: 120M + Modric. The player prefers Barca but would accept to leave the PSG (link: http://bit.ly/2ZG4Eqx) bit.ly/2ZG4Eqx#fcblive

I'll be suprised if that happenes.

OP: Done. I'm on the road. See you later! Any thrills and spills of the close of the ENGLISH transfer window, put it here!
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