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champions league and europa league qualifying matches

news in tweets

🚨 EXCLUSIVE @elchiringuitotv! 🚨 BALE has a BEACH OFFER ➡️ of CHINO [Chinese] football. ➡️ DOBLAN THE SALARIO but they want it to ZERO COST and the REAL MADRID is NOT willing. Information from @Borjamazarro8.

🔵🔴 Neymar's father says he @PSG_inside knew he @neymarjr wasn't going to be around this week and he'd be on the 15th, he reports @FoxSportsBrasil 🇧🇷 The Brazilian player has an event in Brazil on July 12 and 13 at the Neymar Jr Projeto Institute in Sao Paulo

Real Madrid optimism grows: Manchester United agree to negotiate for Pogba

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OP: SMH at Trump wanting the UK government to fire the ambassador who said (in secret memos) that his government was insecure and failing. You see, May, this is what happens when you deal with f*cks like Trump. They don't respect you at all.
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