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women's world cup

today's matches

women's world cup match results and news

GDI, Rapinoe! Why are you so MAGESTERIAL?

Goddamnit, Rapinoe. I really don't want the USWNT to win the world cup. But whenever people attack you, you only go H.A.M.

Y'all know the context right? Rapinoe said that she wasn't going to the White House, Trump went into meltdown, and here we are.

Damn it, I don't want to like you. But I do.

OP: It is going to be hot af today. I am staying in all day. Question: do y'all with long nails manage? My nails are longer than usual and it's hard to flatten my hands so that my fingers skim across the keyboard. But I've given myself a manicure so I don't want to spoil it by cutting them. #firstworldproblems
Tags: nt: france, nt: germany, nt: italy, nt: netherlands, nt: sweden, nt: united states, women's world cup

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