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women's world cup

women's world cup: everything



The Jamaican girls are having rice and peas for dinner and spiced porridge for breakfast *insert drooling emoji here*

Look at this tattooo!!!

news in tweets

🚨 Allegri announces that it takes a sabbatical year: "I will stop for a year. I need to take control of my private life. "

video: Eden Hazard's Real Madrid Presentation with links and photos

Definitely lived in London and hung around roadman for a bit. Look at that sharp line!

news in links

A plea for the mod: hello, can you drop the socceroos tag and just put nt: austrailia instead? Because the women footballers are called 'matildas' Thanks for your time.

OP: Done. How the hell was your week. Grab a stiff drink and let's TAWK.

It's been raining cats and dogs over here, and Boris Johnson is set to be the next PM. Just break up the union now, and save us the trouble, tbh. Give the North devolution powers now.
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