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Update: My neighbor in Bled died in my living room because of the PSG... I swear I can't believe it.

Attention ‼️ We have just told that at 21:00 will be official the march of Solari of Madrid and the return of Mourinho.

#Allegri: "You (journalists, NDR) rightly do your job. Juve, according to you, with 16 points of advantage and with the eighths of Champions to play must change coach. I enjoy it even more. " @GoalItalia

news in links

  • Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos threatened with sack by club president, say Spanish reports It's going down

Free For All Friday : how the hell was your week?

As for me, digging a cache in my back yard to put my extra tins of food in there. May is really going to go for a no deal brexit.

swearing starts here
I swear, I'm so livid at my government right now. May is the cuntiest of them all.
She's pretty much being bukkae'd by ERG and the DUP for something that will not fly! She's asking the EU to undo the backstop that she proposed in 2017! The UK is going to be ripped apart, and you know what? It will be the bloody Tories' fault, and I can't blame the other countries for peeling away. Brexit is an English nationalist's warped fever sex wet dream.

swearing ends

So, how the hell was your week?
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