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no football matches today

news in tweets

Reus and BVB make an ad for Serbian TV. Reus says eff your mother in Serbian. No one picks up on it, and the ad goes live with the swears. I'm more annoyed with Reus than anything else though, why mess up the coins?

That new manager bounce.

Speak it with his whole chest, as they say.

Mmm. Cake.

Um... congrats?


Isco is on the shelves of PSG, which wants to strengthen its midfield. (@parisunited6) The media adds that Real Madrid would claim 100 M € to cede its player. Contacts also exist with FC Barcelona, Juventus Turin, Manchester United and Chelsea.

They have a good manager, whose name sounds like the ending of a prayer.

OP: Done! Hopefully y'all are doing something fun and not reading this. Happy New Year for all those who are already in it. Hope the celebrations are great for those gearing up for it. And may 2019 be all that you need it to be.
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