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uefa nations league. Continued.

today's matches

last night's results

news in tweets

Portgual have one of the nicest national kits out there.

Wow. He looks attractive here.

yesterday was the birthday of this legend

Damn. Yo, I can be a charity too.

I don't know if he's 20 or 40, tbh. Mbappe seems so wise.

Fair enough

Where's the lie though?

That horse has bolted. Sorry.


Good luck, chuck

🎙 Mircea Lucescu's Jürgen Klopp replied: "Klopp will change his mind when the national team is running. The national teams must continue to play important matches. We're not playing for the club, but for the country. His rhetoric is egoist. "

OP: Done. So, how was your week? I'm selling off a bit of stuff, and man, the posting stuff on ebay is a SLOG. But I will get there. Doing a modfied bujo with an old notebook, and I'm getting things done, so yay?
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