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UEFA league of nations are underway!

Today's matches

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Not like the classic Champions' League anthem. But better than the Europa leage one.

Sneijder retires from the international team.

Can you blame them, for real?

Neymar is the captain now. No more rotation

🎙️ Modric: "Christian sent me a message and congratulated me on the UEFA Player. He said he was happy for me and he deserved it. " #ChiringuitoCristiano

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OP: Done. For the stationery geeks amongst us, I bought the hobonichi diary this week. I've thought about having one for years. After much deliberation, got the orignal A6 sized planner, with cover (but not a cover for the cover), and some stickers. The stamps look dead cute, but idek if I'm one for fiddly stamps. The shipping wasn't as bad as I thought, although I'm expecting the customs duties to be a strike to the kidneys, for real.
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