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saturday matches

today's matches

Europa League tables

Any matches that you are looking forward to? I'm glad for SPL that both Celtic and Rangers are in Europa. I'm really glad for Stevie G. Gaffah!

news in tweets

Mourinho is on one. He gave a presser for the ages yesterday

That old charm offensive

I mean, wow. Demebele said that Rodgers lied to him, and tbh, it's not the first time that that charge has been laid at his feet. So yeah, not surprised at the fall out.

Schmeichel has signed an extension with Leicester

UEFA Champions League 2018/19 Group Stage Draw - Illustrated by @chida_junsei from r/soccer

This is SO CUTE (please follow the link)

OP: Done. Cheers, jeers and the rest, you know the drill!
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