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Martial's second child is fine, the mother is recovering and he's returning to Manchester on the morrow

Oh, lawd. This will run and run.

This got posted and then deleted. Modric to Inter is supposedly over the line.

Supposedly Ashley told him that if the Spanish NT reached out to him he wouldn't stand in his way

Wait. After we crash out of the EU, we might be eating rats and be a crumbled husk of a country but you want... to do this again after the nonsense and waste of money that was the last bid. Invest the money in local football courts, tbh. Look after your domestic game. Also, Scotland, Wales and NI might leave the UK (after Westminster, I can't blame 'em, actually). I would laugh like a drain if the UK got dissolved under the Conservatives though.

#Inter Modric remains the dream: planned a meeting between the midfielder and Florentino Perez on the return of the holidays, Luka could ask the president of Real to try another experience after winning everything in Spain. Florentino is tough: answer will be crucial 🇭🇷

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