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Serbian lad. Played for Newcastle, didn't get on with Benitez. Went to Fulham on loan, helped them get into the PL, and now he's here on a permanent transfer.

The PL transfer window closes August 09- two weeks before the rest of europe. It will be interesting!


🎙️ @LuisRubiales in @partidazocope: ➡️ "I had a conversation with Obama and he had some mention of Lopetegui's removal. He told Me that sometimes you have to act, and that they were in the line of the decision we had taken. "
I really thought I'd read that wrong. But I hadn't.


MLS peeps, what's the situation with this?

For those who came late: Crew is one of the founding teams in the MLS based in Colombus, Ohio. A new owner wants to shift it from Ohio to Austin. The thing is, he didn't tell the supporters what his ideas were until they'd bought non refundable (?) season tickets. The club is in a tug of war between the supporters who want it to stay in its orginal local, and the owner who wants to take it to Texas. This has been going on for over a season.

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OP: Done. Any corrections, cheers and jeers, you know the drill!
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