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OP: Please note, NSFW football confessions are at the bottom of the post after the news in tweets end. The break to these confessions is clearly displayed after the general football confessions. Please don't read if easily squicked or offended. This is an ONTD offshoot comm, so this is how we roll, but for the more sensitive ones out of us (or those reading this post in church), mind the gap.

Normal service will be resumed come Monday morning.

Thank you!

news in tweets

First in 18 years! Real Madrid will start the league for the first time this season without the player who won the Ballon d'or.

But will they play for Man City in the near future, though?

Hmmm. I'm not convinced by this player, tbh.

Mourinho needs a break from football, tbh

This will run and run

It's for the best for both clubs

Football Confessions - taken from tumblr blog by the same name

Colour me intrigued, OP

The French team are many things, but the best looking? Hmm.

They make a handsome pair in photos.

He's going to pay them, OP. Supposedly the Spanish tax man can storm into Italy and demand it from him if he doesn't.

He reminds me of Xabi Alonso in some ways, tbh. It can't just be me.

NSFW confessions start now. If you're easily offended, or squicked, TURN BACK NOW

He reminds me of the actor from 30 rock and Inception. Whatever his name is.

Well, gives another meaning to football's coming home.
I'll get my coat.


OP:Done. Sorry, the ICC matches are boring because the big stars are on holiday and there's only so much moaning from Mourinho that I am willing to take on this fine morning. These confessions irked/shocked and made me laugh, so I thought I'd share them with you. You're welcome, or, my apologies. Insert which reaction works for you.
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