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A couple of things struck me with this press release. One, I was surprised that it was written in English and not in German (I know that amost all Germans can read or speak a decent level of English, but that is not the point) and two, he just says Angela Merkel and doesn't refer to her rank.

Wait. How? Isn't Erdogan just a politician (a supremely dodgy one, but still).

Ooooh, it was this picture. I'm sure I posted it. Idek. Life moves fast.

This is a good thread. Especially this bit:

Liverpool have. That's why they got Allison. I'd be surprised if Karius sees the inside of a goalmouth in an LFC shirt this year.



  • Mesut Ozil retirement welcomed by Bayern Munich president, claiming ‘he’s been s*** for years’ RUDE!

OP: Done. This is the only story going at the minute.
Tags: club: bayern munich, club: liverpool fc, mesut o.ozil, nt: germany

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