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First, if you don't have the Spotify app, download it onto your device from iTunes, Google Play or wherever the hell else you download apps from. You may access the playlist via a web browser too, but the user experience will be hella annoying as you won't have full functionality.

Second, get a Spotify account if you don't have one already. The basic account is free. You will need an account to play and contribute to the playlist.

To access the playlist via the Spotify app:
1. Open the Spotify app.

2. Login with your Spotify account.

3. Copy and paste the following URI (the entire bold text) in the Search bar: spotify:user:bleep1234:playlist:2oi9filSCFVHc5Jfk76ayy

4. Once the playlist loads in the app, hit the FOLLOW button. You will need to do this to contribute to the playlist.

5. If the FOLLOW button now says FOLLOWING instead and the playlist shows up in your list of playlists on the left scroll menu, good job. You have successfully followed the playlist. Hit the play button and enjoy.

6. If you want to add a song, enter the name of the song or the artist of the song in the Search bar. When the desired song is listed, right click on the three dots right beside the song, scroll down to "Add to Playlist", then select "ONTD FOOTBALL: WORLD CUP 2018 PLAYLIST" in the list of playlists that pop up (this list will contain all playlists you have either created or followed).

7. To confirm you have successfully added the song, go back to the playlist (you may click on it on the left scroll menu), and sort the playlist by date added (the calendar button). Your song should be listed at the top if it was just added.

To access the playlist via a web browser:
1. Copy and paste the following URL in the Search bar:

2. Login with your Spotify account.

3. The playlist loads in the web browser. Hit the play button and enjoy. I haven't figured out how you can follow the playlist and add songs via the web browser, functionality appears to be limited.
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