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WTF? And Qatar is going to be x 1000 times worse

Only in England. This has gotten to be a real nine day talk. Let the guy do with his body as he sees fit. Slavery done long time, as they say. Why is his tattoo anyone's business but his?

Salah might miss the first game of the World Cup

Pini Zahavi, representative of Lewandowski, at Sport BILD: "Robert feels he needs a change and a new challenge in his career. Bayern knows. Their motivations are not the money or a specific club, as almost all the big clubs would be happy to have it. "

Annual amount: 1.153 billion euros per season! An increase of 60% before allotment of lots 5 and 7. 4.613 billion over four years. Great success for League 1 and @ DidierQuillot

That is brilliant. Since that's the lab for future stars who move to bigger leagues. Well done.

Bayern are still interested in Bale, but they are cooling their heels this season

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OP: Done. Sorry for the lack of news, but it's the calm before the transfer window opens on Friday, June 1, 2018
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