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Free For All Friday!!!

news in texts

Mundial-2018: os 23 de Portugal; The Portuguese World Cup Squad

Ehh, potential has a shelf life, his has expired. Pundits need to move on. They look at him now and see what he was five years ago.

Tottenham looking everyone down

Ranieri to leave Nantes at the end of the season

news in links

OP: Done with the news!

FFF: I've gotten my head around GarageBand *throws confetti, flourish of trumpets* and I'm doing a podfic a week just to try and flatten my learning curve. In non-fannish news, the wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be tomorrow, and I'm hoping to be away from all media blitz re: the marriage because for real, they are tax dodging benefit scroungers. I honestly, can't wait for Queen Elizabeth II to die, so we can start having serious questions re: the concept of monarchy. Taxpayers are paying money for the security (£30m). Windsor council are cracking down on rough sleepers (that austerity under this government has begat). While the Royal Wedding is on, May and her mob will be installing Brexit leaning Lords in HOL. Ugh, this country.
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