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PL match results

The Man City vs Man United game was the most barking

You could have bought my face for a euro when I saw those goals

Yoooooo, did you hear about this? Guardiola on Friday in the press conference said that Raiola (Pogba's agent) offered him and Mhkiki to Man City. Raiola said he didn't know that, and Pogba went, "Excuse me, what?". Man United issued a statement of denial, and it was all a mad ting</>


Hush. Guardiola has spent almost £1 billion pounds on transfers. CRI MOAR

Oh ho?


Eriksen's had 13 goals this season

Plucky underdog Bayern triumphed against all the odds

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OP: Done. So, drama. Drove to a campsite on Friday, found that it was a nuclear dump, and had to drive back yesterday. So if I have a third head or some ghastly disease, this is why
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