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match thread+news

match times in BST + 1 CET

News in tweets

I hate football

Liverpool is a size queen. When it comes to big clubs, they are loaded for bear. For smaller clubs they come with a pea shooter

Soooo... why did they fall out?

Wait. When did this happen?

Don't @ me putting these tweets here

I still think it's pound foolish for Man United to do this, but oh well. Come on UEFA, bring in FFP 2.0


Football confessions (go to the blog at tumblr for more)

Me too. Especially him running down his contract to go on a free. SMH. These hoes ain't loyal

LOL. Nah, James bumps up the pretty over there

Talk to his agent, mate. Riaola made this happen

I'm posting this because the photo makes me laugh

Well... they are affectionate, I guess?

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