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FA cup matches match thread

Matches in BST + 1 CET

Match results, Jan 05, 2018

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Conte said this

Mourinho clapped back. Hard. But check this, both men insulted each other in their L2 and L3 respectively. I am SMH but respecting their game at the same time, you know.

No, "Good luck with your future?"

I live in hope


That is true, actually. IAWTC, Mou. IAWTC

Go on...

Bye, Chan

This better not be Suarez over again, because...

I'll be surprised if he's a regular player, tbh. He meets the home grown rule.

You just can't make this up. VVD rocks up this week, right? Supposedly Klopp didn't want him to play, or at least, start (because he hasn't been training much over the year, needs to get up to speed with the tactics, etc), but VVD convinces Klopp of his readiness. He only goes and scores the winning goal. Narrative.

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  • Saudi footballer in trouble for dabbing Oh, mate.

OP: Done. Sorry I misplaced my glasses and... have to use my old ones. So this post is late and might be 50 shades of wonky
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