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As we all know (thanks to Sky constantly reminding us), the BIG MANCHESTER DERBY GREATEST MATCH OF ALL TIME was played on Sunday at Old Trafford.

This picture is not from Sunday's derby. Pls don't misunderstand.

And while we were all thoroughly entertained by the excellent performance of City's MOTM, Romelu Lukaku, the real showdown came after the match.

Now, thanks to an (un)helpful graphic1 by the Daily Fail, we know what truly happened in the second-greatest2 plastic bottle3 related incident at Old Trafford.

Just to sum up:

- Plastic bottles were thrown
- Mou started the incident
- Referee Michael Oliver did not see the incident and could not make his famous u wot m8 face:

- Marcos Rojo ran around shirtless
- Ederson's neck tattoo is still creepy
- Despite contrary sources, Arteta's hair remained perfect even after his head got cut
- Spineless FA should dock points from both teams but won't because they are spineless
- Milkgate still can't top Pizzagate as the greatest thing to happen at OT.
- And finally, we could have this all in glorious HD had Man Utd not banned Amazon from filming at OT.

SMH, trying to ruin Arteta's hair. Great disrespect!

What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below!

1 - I say unhelpful because (a) it's the Mail and also, (b) they used Man City's old crest.

2 - By second-greatest, I mean worst because throwing bottles at other people is shameful. Do not try this at home (or anywhere)!

3 - It shouldn't even be mentioned (but I'm doing so in case noobs don't know, and also because this is always a great topic of conversation), the greatest plastic-bottle incident is when Arsene Wenger got sent off by Celebrity Referee Mike Dean (pls follow) for shamelessly kicking and bullying a poor plastic bottle on the touchline. Required viewing:

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