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match thread+news+match review

Times in BST + 1 CET

Match results and reactions
Premier League

Martinez, you BETTER use this guy to his maximum potential in the World Cup

That match between Palace and Everton was barking mad

Lu-lu-lu-kaku. He missed Pogba's presence on the field something fierce

Coutinho seems to have gotten over his Barcelona blues, ehh?

Ahhh so that was the disturbance in the force

Still eyeing PSG, Mourinho?

Where is the lie, though? Liiiike, mate? What happened? You're surefooted as a good with Sweden and Benfica, but rock up to United and likeeee....

The best part of matches are the match reactions

Go. Arsenal showed up for a Derby (as you should). Spurs are still missing. Send out an APB

No lies


Dortmund, fix it

The first win is the sweetest

Ancelotti who?

Has enough money to get a decent dye job with a licenced hairstylist. Does this instead

La Liga

Olbak was like, "Thou shalt not pass."

Iñaki Williams, man

Neymar who?

Cholo, that game was a disgrace

Serie A

OP: Done. Cheers, jeers and the rest of it. I need to dash off to an eye appointment, so sorry for this truncated post. Can someone do the tags for me, please? Cheers
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