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This match was a mess. How can you give Christian Eriksen so much room?

I don't know why they're hoisting the trainer, because Eriksen did a Messi

Hat trick! Just... listen. I saw the goals and they were all pretty like money. Considering ROI got the first goal in 6 minutes

Why did they give him so much space? Don't these people watch the PL at all?

European Qualifiers

Congratulations all


News in Tweets

The Chinese FA are doing this,iirc. It's going to be similar to the Audi cup tourney I reckon?

Scores of match friendlies last night

Tickets for WC 2018. I'd love to go, but Russia travelling alone as a woc? That sounds risky

The new Adidas ball

What's going on with Agüero?




True for true.

Joe was on it tonight

LMAO. I don't think Zlatan would

LOL. Nice use of meme

Where's the lie?

News in Links

OP: That's about it, really
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