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match thread+news

Times in BST + 1 CET

CL results for Wednesday, 14 September 2017

CL standings

Spurs rode their luck at times, but they needed a win. That Italian ref needs demoting though. Him and his assistants were sloppy

Kane is contributing clutch goals to his arsenal.

Loool, I love this photo

Klopp, I love you, but... Lovern and Moreno are here as first choices in your second season in the job? Still?!


Klopp. Please get a defender in for january. Puhlease?

Man City ran riot over Feyenord (?)

Ramos had a beauty of a goal

Whoa. Stones got a hattrick? You lie!

News in Tweets

Tbh, I don't think football or tennis should be olympic sports, because they already have so much coverage. Same thing for golf, tbh

Guardiola saying how pleased and proud he is to have KDB

Welp. That's not the way to show dissatisfaction at the ref

OMG, this story was true! LOOOL

King Kenny (Daglish) thanks Neymar for donating his shirt to Kenny's cancer charity


OP: Done. Also, sorry for not putting the post under a cut yesterday. I didn't preview the post before going out. I'll be more careful in the future

PS: A question: Does it make a difference if the match posts are bundled with the match action from the day before (like this one). Or is it all the same (I'm thinking about load time and people's images). I've defaulted to twitter embedds because it seems to load a lot more smoothly than sourced photos. But these posts aren't static, so.
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