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match thread+news

Times in BST + 1 CET

News in tweets

Coutinho has handed in a transfer request. This is a goddamn mess. Can't they go for Dembele instead?

It's Barcelona? Many are called, few are chosen

This will run and run...

Wegner singing Giroud's praises

News links

England - Premier League
Arsenal 4- 3 Leicester City

Arsenal setting the stage for the first game of the premier league season

The field pristine, the chalk lines repainted to the desired contrast

Team sheets put forward, some new faces, some old

Players are greeting each other

It's the first time that the PL began its season on a Friday night

Lacazette (?) scored on his debut

Effing V*rdy

High scoring game...

I just like this photo

OP: Done! Going forward, I'll be doing the match review posts separately from the match thread posts. I don't mind doing the match thread posts in the morning, but if anyone wants to post the latter, that's fine, tbh
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