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News tidbits

Giving this new posting editing thing a twirl. Feedback, please?

Juan Mata wants to donate 1% of his salary to charity 

Antonio Conte warns Chelsea squad still too small - 'This will be the most difficult season of my career

Ronaldo is playing with you Man United peeps. Resist. 

Mbappé ‘se ofrece’ al Barça — Mbappé wants to get into Barcelona before they think about going to Dortmund's Dembele

The wretched fax machine strikes again! PSG didn't get the certificate cleared for Neymar to play. Barcelona #pettycrocker

Guardiola has me out here sounding like the guy from Oliver Twist. More? More?!

Nathaniel Chalobah: I had to leave Chelsea to avoid another loan, says Watford midfielder

No hate from me, lad. 

After losing Neymar to PSG, Barca's best move might be to do nothing Take a breath, keep the purse strings shut and make your choices in leisure, then act in haste. 


Neymar's presentation at PSG. He won't play today, because Barcelona forgot to send his transfer certificates in time. #foreverpetty

OP: Done! This is the new LJ test editor. I don't know how I feel about it just yet. I'll see how it goes re: photos and the rest of it. What do you think? Also, I mightn't be able to do a post tomorrow (internet might be sketchy). Normal service will resume Monday. 

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