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Match scores

I got these scores off my phone. Many apologies for the ugly formatting, but it's easier this way!

Scotland 2-2 England

Well. That happened. The last five minutes were the best part of the game. In recent years, England vs Scotland (or Scotland vs England) has been a bore, and this continued - for the last five minutes!

Lee Griffith's (Scotland) free kicks were things of beauty. NGL.

Ox did really well in his contributions. Got the first goal of the game

I have no truck with Man United, but I'll always have time for Rashford. Nowt seems to phase him. Not Mourinho's sulks, or his country's disappointing form. A personficiation of the poem "If" by Rudyard Kipling

Tierney was immense. He really thrilled me with how intelligent his game play was . He isn't going to be at Celtic for long, sorry.

Harry Kane saved Southgate's blushes. First time Kane has scored a clutch goal in that manner. Development

I hate to say it but... Hart is snakebit. He's done

A disgrunted supporter threw a whisky bottle at the English players after Kane's goal. LOL. Never change, Scotland

Azerbaijan 0- 1 Northern Ireland

Stuart Dallas' injury time goal keeps NI dreams alive. Northern Ireland, home of the DUP - wtf is going on up there, mates?

Look at him!

Germany 7- 0 San Marino

Well, hell. I was hoping San Marino would have even gotten on the scoresheet

Is this the new kit? It looks new. Brandt always looks as if he wants to burst into tears and go home

Ah, so it wasn't a fever dream. Draxler WAS captain! Chile...

Again, when the match is lopsided, the pictures are almost processional and kinda boring? So have this one and call it joy.

OP: Thank you so much for tuning into this post today. I'm off to try and scrunge up breakfast. In another life, I need to be rich enough to have a live in chef
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