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4 cup finals.


FA Cup
Arsenal 2- 1 Chelsea

When the pressure is off, Arsenal were on!

Sanchez was working. I listened to the commentary of this match whilst doing an eight mile walk yesterday. Leafleting is hard, y'all

Before yesterday's match, Mertesacker (?) had only played thirty minutes for the entire season

Even Ozil worked

Winner, winner, chicken dinner

Wenger had his opponents sussed. His tactics were on point today

Every one worked. Especially this guy

Cech wasn't in the sticks, but he's holding the trophy

Ramsey scored, the leader of the Allman Brothers died. His kick is lethal, yo

Eintracht Frankfurt 1-2 Borussia Dortmund

Reus wins his first professional trophy


Sorry that I have no match pictures. But mates, I'm doing this on the side of the road with a dodgy internet connection, we will have to deal

Copa del Rey
Barcelona 3-1 Alaves

Barcelona won the cup

Pique cuts netting. It's his *thing* I wonder where he keeps these odd goal net cuttings


It must be nice to support a team where they win at least ONE trophy a year

Celtic 2-1

Well, Brendan Rodgers has found his level. A one team league. He can stay at the SNP

Unbeaten for the entire season and have won the treble, Celtic

Coup de France
Angers 0- 1 PSG

An own goal gifted PSG the title

OP: Done. See you on the other side! Can someone please do the tags for me? I have to go.
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