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saturday matches (picture heavy)

Ligue 1

Serie A

ChievoVerona 3- 5 Roma

Roma are gaining on juventus in the table

Emperor Totti's last game. May his spirit be as eternal as the City he's a native of


Bayern Munich 4- 1 Freiburg

I'm just going to post the pictures with minimal commentary if any, k? K.

Lahm is retiring. This is his last everything

Saying goodbye

I'm not feeling this kit

I'm going to assume that this is a relative

Waves to the audience

Alonso has decided to buy a motorcycle and go riding now that he's retired. He's taking a year out to decide what he wants to do, and he and his family will be relocating to Madrid. Supposedly, the Spanish FA wish to fast track him into coaching. But NGL, I can see him doing UEFA politiking instead



Goodbye, you suave mofo

Borussia Dortmund 4- 3 Werder Bremen

Auba won the... torjäegerkanone (I know I spelt that wrong). It's the equivalent to the golden boot

31 goals in the season. Suck on it, Harry Kane

Dortmund needs some good defenders because some of those goals they let in were weak sauce

I'm not mad at this new kit

D'awww, I ship it

Stop, drop and roll beacuse Auba is on FYAH

It's been a strange old season for Dortmund, NGL. Not to mention with Tuchel falling out with everyone it seems, but Barta has been a bright spot. As in, he just seems to be cheerful. Good on him. Really

Köln FC 2- 0 Mainz 05
After a generation away from the European places, guess who's back! This game was thrilling in a way

Brilliant. See you in Europe, mates.

La Liga

OP: Done. I will post the match thread tomorrow morning before I go.
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