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Friday matches

Please note the times are in BST. For CET times, +1, thank you!

NB: There are no Bundesliga matches tonight

Xabi Alonso retrospective

It's all in German without subtitles, so for us non German speakers, dawg nynam yuh suppa, as they say. From minute 12, you get people telling Xabi good bye and good luck. For us English speakers, relief comes in at 16:47 when the people who played with him at LFC come into play.

Video: Bayern Munich's new kit

OP: Done! Any troubles, please PM me!
P.S. I WILL do the kit posts, but I am waiting for the football season to be finished first, and I will do the post then. Thank you for your patience in this matter
Tags: club: bayern munich, league: la liga, league: scottish premier league, xabi alonso

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