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Social Media of the day
A twitter account dedicated to Eden Hazard's ass

Tweet of the day

Leicester 1- 6 Tottenham Hotspur

In the last two seasons, Tottenham Hotspur have extended their eneminty from just one club (Arsenal) to three, Chelsea and Leicester being the other two

Like, really bad tempered.

The reasons are pretty much for Leicester congratulating Chelsea for drawing level with Spurs last season (The Battle at Stamford Bridge) thus making Leicester win the league mathematically. Leicester and Spurs have drawn more times than they've won.

Last night, most people expected a low scoring draw. But Pochettino supposedly is still stung by how Spurs capitulated after they lost their title bid last season. So he's told them to maintain momentum

Kane was in fine form. Routed Leicester with 4(!) goals

Sonny (the lad doing the handshake with Dele Alli, on the far right) scored the other two

OP: Done! Cheers, jeers, you know the drill!
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