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champions league & europa league and FFF too (if you wish)


Champions League

The finalists. I did a post yesterday about the match, but LJ ate it all up, then proceeded to KICK ME OUT for the rest of the day. WTF?

Europa League

I ain't even mad

Well. And here it is

It's just stats and stats and stats

Man United 1- 1 Celta Viga (2-1 Agg)

Let's not put a fine gloss on this; Man United played badly

A lot of niggling (old English word by dint of Scandinavia, no racism here)

A header

Hugs time

Dressed for the occassion

Champions League
ATM 2- 1 Real Madrid (Agg 2-4)

Aupa Atleti!

Real Madrid's away goal killed the game. Can we modify the away goal rule in that, for the first ninety minutes it doesn't count? So go hammer and tongs until the end?

That's another talk for another time. Onward


Greizmann posted this with the date being special. People assume that he's married his baby's mom in secret

Where's the lie?

OP: Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday. I did all the formatting, only to be kicked outo of LJ. Then my laptop refused to work, and I can't format LJ in windows (just... drama)
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