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saturday matches

Bundesliga fixtures

Featured Matches
Borussia Dortmund 6- 2 Bayer Leverkusen

With that score, I'd be cheesing too

FC Köln 0- 3 Bayern München

With this win, Bayern are seven points ahead of the chasing pack

Javier Martinez started things off

The win so comfortable, Neuer didn't have to shower

Serie A
Featured Matches

La liga

Featured Matches
Eibar 1- 4 Real Madrid

Sans Ronaldo, sans Bale, but still easy

That didn't stop Real Madrid from doing what they do best

Benzema is still doing what he does best

Barcelona 5- 0 Celta Vigo

Messi on his grind

Neymar - are PSG still after him?

Another day, another slay

Who's this guy?

Premier League

Featured Matches
Manchester United 1- 1 AFC Bournemouth

Man United are still sixth. Mourinho might want to look to Europa League for a sure way into the CL, tbh (or not, there's still 12 games to play)

That being said, this match had everything! Red card, head stomp, flying elbows...

Rojo (not pictured) scored a goal after a lot of work, Phil Jones brought down a Bournemouth player and gave up a penalty and then... tah -dahhh! The cherries got back in the game

Tackles were snapping everywhere, tempers high, everything going DOWN like a raindrop, you feel me fam? Then Mings did this-

According to Zlatan, Mings just -- ran into his elbow. Face first. Yeah...

Wait, Luke Shaw played today? (I was listening to the match, don't mind me).

Swansea City 3- 2 Burnley

Swansea under Paul Clement vs Bob Bradley are like chalk and cheese, tbh

It seemed that a few referees went on a stag do earlier this week and this explains their shambolic performances across the league. I don't know how Burnley got this penalty

Llorente did really well

With a lovely cross from Tom Carroll. I enjoyed this match more than I thought I would

Liverpool 3- 1 Arsenal

Honestly? I knew Liverpool would win. Give LFC some hot top six action and they'll tart themselves up for it

Wenger started the match with Sanchez on the bench. I too, like the commentators thought that Wenger would have gone for long balls. That would make sense, because LFC players are wee, and are powerless against balls in the air, vs balls on the grass. That... didn't happen

The defence was woeful, but that's been a feature of the PL for the past couple of seasons, tbh.

Coutinho and Mané gazing at Chelsea's points tally in the distance. I swear if LFC only had to play top six teams, we'd have one hand on the trophy by now.

OP: Done! You know the drill! Can someone do any tags that I've missed, please? Thank you!
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