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champions league resumes tonight


Today in D'aww
Pep Guardiola giving Harry Arter his condolences re: the loss of Arter's stillborn daughter, Rachel.
(AN: I don't know if you guys are open for this to be a thing? Y/N?)

BVB accepts complaint of the DFB control committee.

Bournemouth 0- 2 Man City

The game was crap for Bournemouth. With that loss, they are being sucked into relegation. But this was a highlight. Harry Arter lost his little girl (stillbirth), last year, and he and his wife are now expecting again. Guardiola gave his commiserations and congratulations. Sorry, the rest of the pictures are of Sterling and ehhh... if you want to seek them out, you can find 'em

OP: Done! Caught a lurgy! Again! I'm going to become a hermit at this rate
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