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saturday football

Premier League

Featured matches

Chelsea 3- 1 Arsenal

Arsenal had one job. Spurs showed y'all the way. Liverpool gave hints. You had no excuses

Just to hold Chelsea to nine points ahead, or ten at the most. Not bloody twelve?!

Cech was trying, honestly

To add insult to injury, Fabregas scored

Bellerin was down after this collision. I hope he's okay?

Another view

Conte threw himself into the Chelsea faithful. Did he get a yellow card?

Hull City 2- 0 Liverpool

Of course LFC would lose to a bottom team. That being said, Marco Silva hasn't done his CV a lot of harm with what he's doing with Hull. He has them playing in a system. Whereas with Phelan, if they couldn't defend, they couldn't score and vice versa, under Silva, it's all, 'getchu a team that can do both'.

Hull have given themselves a fighting chance. Leicester are now dragged into the mix

So yeah, congratulations to Marco Silva. Looking like a cleaner, better living version of Colin Farrell. His English is SO GOOD. Better than Mourinho's, for real.

Klopp needs to marshall a defence, that's all I can say. I don't want to say anymore because this post is long enough already

Everton 6 - 3 Bournemouth

Lu-lu- Lukakku! Scored at least three. Scored the first one within THIRTY SECONDS!

Now, y'all know that I like the cherries, but wtf? Defence, Eddie Howe, haven't you heard of it? It's so weird that an English coach doesn't know how to defend - and he steered his team through League 1 and Championship! If you can't defend in those leagues... well

Bournemouth rallied, but still

Barkley got in the goals

South Hampton 1 - 3 West Ham United

Ugh, Andy Carroll

I am you, goalie. I am you

Unlike LFC, at least Soton scored. You know what, I'm not watching MOTD, because I will start throwing things

Tottenham Hotspur 1- 0 Middlesbrough

Spurs got three points when the rest of their rivals (save Chelsea, but Chelsea are two furlongs ahead) lost theirs

Spurs' chances were wasteful

WTF, Valdes? Dele Alli has matured though. Last season, he'd have gotten into fisticuffs with the guy and get a red card.


Featured matches
Bayern Munchen 1- 1 Schalke 04

Perennial scorer

Lahm made his 500th appearance for Bayern today. Xabi Alonso his 100th?

Borussia Dortmund 1 - 0 RasenBallsport Leipzig

Well, that's all you need to know. Auba has angered Tuchel saying that he needs to leave Dortmund in order to grow. Mate. Maaaateee

The only goal scored

La Liga

Featured matches

Barcelona 3 - 0 Athletic Club

Sergei Roberto. What's his story?

Rafinha getting his kicks in

Atletico Madrid 2-0 Leganes

Simeon's hair transplant is GOOD

With this victory, ATM are 4th on the table, behind Sevilla!

I remember reading something about today being Koke's 300th match for the club?

I like Yannick whatshisname

Torres was all, "We had to win!"

Smiles after the game!

Serie A
Bologna 1 - 7 Napoli

No direct match photos, sorry, so have some social media stuff about the match instead


OP: Done! Tomorrow I have to leave at first light, so have at it. Can someone please do the tags for me? LJ is side eyeing me rn. Cheers, jeers and the rest of it, you know the drill!

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