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gong hei fat choy!


Copa Del Rey
Barcelona 5 - 2 Real Sociedad

Neymar and Messi were on fire</b>

One of the most iconic football kits around

So glad Neymar got rid of the straightened hair

#i cannot

Hull 2- 1 Manchester United (Agg 2- 3)

Mason still recovering in hospital from a skull fracture. His club warmed up in shirts bearing his name

Get well, Ryan!

I don't get this kit at all

Marco Silva is a damned good coach, and a handsome one, too. Like, Hull is falling apart but even with the noise around the club, they've been playing some good, spirited football. I wouldn't be surprised if he's in another job in English football for next season- if he wants it

I read the match reports (was away at work) and Hull put on a spirited performance, it seems. I watched the match highlights and was impressed by their game plan and industry

Sports photography is fun

Preview of new footie kits


New Arsenal away

Supposed preview of new Tottenham Hotspur kit. Their deal with UA runs until the end of this season, and for the 2017/18 season their new kit deal with Nike begins.
For more rumoured kit concepts go here

OP: Thanks for reading! Happy Chinese New Year.
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