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new year's eve matches


New Year's Eve Fixtures

Featured Matches

Chelsea 4- 2 Stoke City

Someone watched this match - and it wasn't me

Chelsea are nine points ahead and have won thirteen matches on the trot. FFS

But Stoke got two goals in, so it shows that Chelsea are falable.

Leicester City 1- 0 West Ham

This match was scrappy. Coming into the match, I expected a draw, or a West Ham win, because Leicester have been dreadful in the League this season

Ranieri (not pictured) laid down the law sharpish. He said that Leicester had to win. So said, so done!

Manchester United 2- 1 Middlesborough

I didn't watch this game because I saw the referee and went, "No, my blood pressure will be good today. Lee Mason will not make me swear today"

Martial has had a rocky 2016, to the point where his parents have allegedly moved in with him up in Manchester. Mourinho seems to have turned a corner in a lot of ways recently, like his team

The goal was disallowed because of Zlatan's high foot

Valdes was 'recieving treatment'. Okay, bruv

I can understand Traore leaving Barcelona because he wasn't getting any minutes - but to go to Boro? WHY?

Mourinho and Karanka used to be manager and assistant to the manager at Real Madrid a couple of years ago. Supposedly when Karanka got the call to go to Boro, Mourinho told him to take the opportunity and use it as a way to get into the PL. Boro started well with a goal, but Man United got level and then nicked a second goal in the dying embers of the match

Swansea City 0- 3 Bournemouth

Man, Swansea. When Bournemouth (no shade) can keep a clean sheet against you... you know things are grim

Like, the defence was just abject. Just sink into the Championship and come back again. Their new manager is Paul Clement, Ancelotti's assistant from Bayern Munich. He had a brief spell at Derby that didn't work out. Man...

Liverpool 1- 0 Manchester City

This was held as the game of the Christmas fixtures, and Klopp and Guardiola are out here playing pat a cake

Liverpool drew blood early from this ex Newcastle player whose name I can't spell.

Passed Kolarov! People were expecting this to be a high scoring game, but ehhh. We got three points and Chelsea in our sights! So!

Social Media

Well, I laughed!

New Year's Greetings

Ugh, I want to go to there

Couts and fam can't go anywhere just yet. Oh, he got the Brazilian player of the year award.

Blind from Man United had his NYE's celebrations

Lewandowski (?) and wife with bump

OP: Happy New Year!!!! I'm off on a hike to somewhere, so watch the matches and the Vienna Orchestra on my behalf!

OP: Can I have a 'Christmas fixtures' tag, please?
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