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Christmas pics

Nice head gear

I don't know how to embed instagram vids so have this picture of Sturridge with his tinsel

Tin Tin and his girl. I do like her boots. Thigh high and laces? Nice! I couldn't wear them though

Greizmann got pranked for a show in Spain. Every 28th of December, Spain celebrates ‘El Día de los Inocentes’ which is a kind of April Fools Day. On that day, the “Inocente Inocente” Institution makes a Fundraising gala on TV for Children with diverse problems. Last year they raised 1,150,000€ for those kids. In the gala they show pranks they’ve played on famous people during the year, and this year Antoine will be one of the pranked people.

It’s quite often that they play pranks on football players, and sometimes it’s even their own teammates who help to make those pranks:

Kroos and Isco wishing you a Merry Christmas

Is Santa on your team?

Champions League starting XI

Merry Christmas from RM

Christmas vids

Schalke 04 putting on a nativity play

So you can see things like this

OP: Done! You know the drill! There might not be a post tomorrow, because I'm on the move!

PS: Petition for AFCON and Chinese Superleague tag, please
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