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Draxler got his move

So did Oscar

Tevez got married before going off to China

Hugo Lloris was the last hold out in contract extensions. Supposedly wanted to wait until the end of season, but they got it over the line in the end

So pretty. Loris Karrius is soooooo pretty

Dunno if this ad is new

Serie A fixtures
Torino 1- 0 Genoa

Joe Hart was doing his job. I hope he stays in Serie A doing his job

Torino's colours are nice

Fiorentina 3- 3 Napoli

Wow, wow. Penalties (or PK's as Bob Bradley calls them) all the way

Honours even. Better a draw than a loss, tbh

Roma 3- 1 Chevio
(no pics, sorry)

Football confessions

LOL, no

Shocked, shocked I tell you

OP: Done! Sorry about the dearth of news, but transfer window will be opening on Jan 01st, so I am taking advantage of the calm before the storm. Cheers, jeers and the rest of it, you know the drill

OP: Hey, a favour? Can someone do the tags for me, please? I'm doing this on my windows computer and I can't see the tags. Just a blank space.
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