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saturday matches.


  • Istanbul Besiktas: Stadium blasts kill at least 13 people - reports omg, stay safe out there

  • Middlesbrough star Fabio cried after hearing the news of the Chapecoense plane crash which had two of his friends on board: 'It could happen to any one of us'

Premier League

Featured Matches

Watford 3- 2 Everton

WTF Everton? But Watford are on a roll

Still... wtf

Arsenal 3- 1 Stoke City

Yesterday was Arsenal's annual charity day, where every single player and football staff gives one day of their salary to a charity

This picture looks straight out of an anime


Özil did a beautiful header.

Swansea 3- 0 Sunderland

Moyes was talking sh*t and got hit

I honestly don't know what Swansea was thinking selling off their best players (save Siggy and the goal keeper) and expecting to do well

Walcot scored his 100th goal
Bob Bradley - it seems that some people have been taking the piss out of his accent. Eh, we'll get used to it. I gotta say though, after being accustomed to European and South American accents, I always get a start when I hear Bob Bradley speak. I'm always like, "Oh yeah. Him."

Leicester City 4- 2 Manchester City

This match was a goddamn mess. But I love this picture

Ugh, you made the relegation rats get a foothold in the PL. Ugh City, you had ONE JOB

Leicester got two goals in something like, three minutes. I got up to get my tea, came back and they were three up in the first fifteen minutes of the game

Mahrez and Vardy decided to show up and party today. FFS


Featured Matches
Bayern 5- 0 Wolfsburg

When it's a score like this the pictures are uninteresting

Imagine 500 more pictures like this, you get the idea

FC Köln 1- 1 Dortmund

Dortmund got a goal in the 90th minute of the game. I was like...

Reus is supposedly doing a lot of gym and strengthening exercises to guard against being taken down by injury again

Ingolstadt 1- 0 RB Leipzig

Shock loss

La Liga

Featured Matches

Osasuna 0- 3 Barcelona

Another day another slay


Real Madrid 3- 2 Deportivo La Coruna

Ramos is tearing it up

Real Madrid are now 35 matches without losing. Record

Serie A


Damn it Valencia


Where's the lie though?

Follow the guy's tumblr for more cool illustrations

Social Media

Happy Christmas


This guy and his wife at the Bayern Christmas party

OP: done. Cheers, jeers and the rest of it you know the drill. Posting this tonight because my browser keeps crashing and I'm off at first light. Can someone please do the tags for me? Thanks!
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