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sunday football


Premier League

Bournemouth 4- 3 Liverpool

Divock Origi was on fire. Liverpool started the game so well

With goals from Mané and Origi, Liverpool went into half time two goals up. But you know, I had a feeling Bournemouth was going to win. They had the bit in their teeth from last week

Twenty five minutes to go, Ryan Fraser, a Scottish international came on and in five minutes got a goal and an assist. Fackin' hell

Milner gave away a penalty to Fraser. FML. Credit to Bournemouth they used this to get back into the game

For all my fuming re: Liverpool, I do like the fact that with Fraser, there are still British players in football

GPOY. That was my face when Karius bobbled the ball and Aké got the fourth goal for the cherries

Karis Loris is supposed to be better than Mignolet. Okay

Eddie Howe was moved to tears. So was I, for other reasons. The everloving hell? But fair cop, I do like the cherries, and I hope they stay up. But damn, LFC. Goddamn

Everton 1 - 1 Manchester

Ibra had a great lob in the goal

I can't blame him for beaming, it was tremendous

Man united played well, but Fellani undid their good work in the end

Especially since Everton are off the boil. A lot of their players are too old, or not as good as their wage packets suggest

La Liga


Serie A

Lazio 0- 2 Roma

Strootman on it again

AC Milan 2 -1 Crotone

Can't hear you over the sound of three points, tbh

Ligue 1

Nice 3- 0 Toulouse

Huh, there's been an uptick in Ligue 1 pictures since PSG aren't doing too well, and Nice are

It probably helps that PSG aren't doing so great (they are third place in the table but from what I gather, it's a shocker)

Social Media

LOOOOL crazy but it's true.

I die

First Burley, now Bournemouth. :/

OP: Sorry for the lack of pictures, but that's all that came on the wires. Cheers, jeers, corrections and commentary pushback, you know the drill.
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