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Cristiano Ronaldo has a new fragrance. Yeah, he isn't my steeze, but his fragrance description intrigues me. His first effort fell on the side of conventional, this one sounds... a bit more off piste. It's a woody oriental with a maple syrup top note. The description is here They say it's a fragrance bomb, like Middle Eastern strength. Top note is honeyed and sweet, dries to a resinous smoke (I'm assuming that's the amber and the moss) OMG, I neeeeeed a sniff

Man City's new player Gabriel Jesus has arrived

Harry Kane signed a new contract. He'll be at the club until 2022. It doesn't mean that he'll be at the club that long, it just means that if Kane got tapped/head got turned, it won't be another Sol Campbell burn (when he left Spurs to Arsenal on a free).

Ramos in training. When you look at his body at the start of his career versus now, you have to respect how he's looked after it, tbh. Versus certain specimens out and about

LFC players and their children doing Disney on ice.

The Gerrards and their youngest (for now) child

Klavan spat out his kids, tbh. They look JUUUUUST like him!

Still in mourning

Koeman's first crack at a Christmas tree - with RED trim! He got ROASTED over social media by Everton supporters because it's RED. So...

He turned to white trims!

OP: Done. Cheers, jeers and the rest of it, you know the drill!
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