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Movie Premiere: Usain Bolt

The man Usain Bolt himself! This counts as football content because he's at Dortmund training to be a winger(?) and there are footballers in abundance

Football stars turned out to see the Usain Bolt film about his trials and tribulations he faced on the way to the 2016 Olympics

Wow. All that money, and you dress this badly

I... sympathise with his pallor


James Milner's charity

Milner has a charity. I don't now what it does, nor where it's based. Nor do I care, but... pictures?

I like Ulla's outfit. The boots and leggings work.

Klopp in a bumper car whilst wearing a tux. Better than the sheath his wife wore, in terms of driving tbh

Borussia Dortmund: Hospital visit

Love the kid's hat to the right. Must knit myself one. Tis the season

Tuchel and co spreading good cheer

Signing autographs

More posing. Cute bb, and I don't even like babies like that

Bb girl be quizzing Tuchel about his team's defence

Auba with people

Random sighting

Dunno where these two were, don't know the context

Social Media

Nacional deeply laments the situation and sympathizes with Chapecoense on the accident that took place and waits for information from authorities.

Football confessions

*kanye shrug*

Don't crow until the season is over, tbh

Come again? NGL, they look German to me?

Look at this banner! The new UFEA president will have something to say about that though

Guess who

First person to answer with an updated picture gets a star!

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